Bohemian Dreaming

Bohemian Blue is a 2 floor, 250 sq.m. villa, nestled in the picturesque, hilltop town of Koutouloufari. It overlooks the port of Hersonissos, with uninhibited views of its harbor and the Mediteranean Sea.

It is surrounded by olive groves and gardens, giving a tranquil stimulation of the senses. Sights, sounds, smells, and the touch of a summer breeze combine to help you connect with self and nature, and feel vibrantly alive in a laid back atmosphere.

Bohemian blue is more than just an exclusive villa. It is a home for travelers who thirst for profound experiences, spiritual fulfillment and taking in culture. It is a celebration in the aesthetic categories of Zen. Its’ materials are natural: stone, driftwood, bamboo. Art found, and art crafted. Simple and sophisticated, its’ essence is authentic, free, grounded. It is designed to help you relax and recreate in a design oriented atmosphere.

Summer healing… for your mind, your spirit, and your soul.